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Saturday 23rd April 
Dragon Pool
1st Jason Elwell -peg9- 161lb 13oz
2nd Mark Wilton -peg 21- 96lb 8oz
3rd Warren Russon-peg17- 80lb 12oz
4th Rich Pedlar -peg5- 74lb 7oz
5th Tom Cunningham -peg13- 71lb 6oz
Silvers – 1st Jason Elwell -peg9- 31lb 11oz
                2nd Kev Gear -peg6- 22lb 10oz
Bank holidays Monday 18th April
1st Jack Arblaster -peg14- 145lb 3oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg5- 128lb 4oz
3rd Andrew Spearman -peg15- 101lb 6oz
4th Correy Darlington -peg12- 89lb 5oz
5th Jake Jenkins -peg7- 77lb 9oz
Silvers – 1st Jack Arblaster -peg14- 27lb 2oz
Carney’s Easter festival results April 15th & 16th 2022 🐣
Dragon Pool,
Day 1,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg3- 128lb 5oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg7- 127lb 2oz
3rd Jase Jones -peg16- 109lb 10oz
4th Mike Mold -peg2- 99lb 3oz
5th Ricky Ratcliffe -peg20- 96lb 13oz
6th Jason Elwell -peg17- 74lb 12oz
Day 2,
1st Ryan Burgwin -peg7- 199lb 2oz
2nd Jake Robinson -peg20- 124lb 14oz
3rd Kevin Gear -peg21- 103lb 10oz
4th Jason Elwell -peg5- 97lb 2oz
5th Tom Cunningham -peg15- 75lb 14oz
6th Mark Davis -peg9- 67lb 1oz
1st Ryan Burgwin 327lb 7oz
2nd Jake Robinson 252lb
3rd Jason Elwell 171lb 14oz
4th Mike Mold 156lb 6oz
5th Jase Jones 152lb 3oz
6th Ricky Ratcliffe 146lb 12oz

Saturday 9th April 2022
Dragon Pool
1st Kevin Gear -peg7- 120lb 8oz
2nd Gavin Redhead -peg5- 53lb 7oz
3rd Ian Conway -peg3- 52lb 6oz

Silvers – 1st Jack Arblaster -peg16- 28lb 10oz
                2nd Phil Beveridge -peg13- 24lb 15oz
Saturday 2nd April 2022
Overall Winner,
Paul Bland -peg16- 60lb 10oz (damsel)
1st Jake Jenkings -peg10- 50lb 13oz
2nd Mark Stanaway -peg14- 49lb 9oz
3rd Tom Cunnington -peg7- 41lb 9oz
1st Mike Mold -peg15- 59lb 1oz
2nd Kevin Gear -peg13- 46lb 2oz
3rd Mark Davis -peg17- 38lb 9oz
1st Mike Mold -peg15- 20lb 9oz
2nd Jack Arblaster -peg2- 20lb 7oz
3rd Nigel Taylor -peg9- 19lb 9oz

 Saturday 26th March 2022
1st Mark Davis -peg 2- 113lb 13oz
2nd Gaz Roberts -peg 20- 89lb 12oz
3rd Phillip Nelson -peg 21- 73lb 8oz
Silvers – 1st Kelvin King -peg 10- 22lb 4oz

Saturday 19th March 2022
1st Dave Powell -peg 7- 110lb 15oz
2nd Kevin Gear -peg 21- 57lb 6oz
3rd Warron Russon -peg 14- 49lb 1oz
Silvers – 1st Ian Haynes -peg 15- 29lb 2oz

Saturday 12th March 2022
1st Ryan Burgwin – peg 13 – 55lb 10oz
2nd Jason Elwell – peg 7 – 41lb 5oz
3rd Des Parr – peg 11 – 34lb 4oz
Silvers – Jason Elwell with 13lb 11oz

Saturday 5th March 2022

1st Dave Swanwick – peg 9 – 35lb 4oz
2nd Jase Jones – peg 21 – 30lb
3rd Ricky Ratcliff – peg 7 – 22lb 4oz
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