Damsel & Dragon Pools

Damsel Pool

The main species in Damsel Pool are carp, tench, roach, bream, perch,  with a strong head of carp around 4lb – 5lb. This is a great pool for the beginner and serious anglers alike and is also available for private matches. There are 24 well spaced pegs with three disabled pegs available. The 5 hour match record for Damsel Pool stands at 281lb caught by Martin Richards off peg 16.

Damsel Pool is about 1.4 acres in size with twenty four pegs; several pegs are designed for disabled anglers. There is adjacent car parking to the disabled pegs. The pool has an island and the water depth graduates from approximately three feet to five feet.

Dragon Pool

Dragon Pool Coarse Fishing at Carney Pools

The main species in Dragon are carp, tench, roach and bream. Carp averaging 7lb – 9lb with a strong head of 10lb plus fish being caught. Some big bream and tench are often caught in excess of 5lb. Dragon Pool has 21 Pegs, including two accessible pegs.  To date there have been several club matches with some consistent results. The 5 hour match record for Dragon Pool stands at 230lb caught by Ryan Burgwin off peg 18.

The pool hosts a submerged island and has a depth which varies from four feet to approximately nine feet.

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